We are pleased to announce two new Milk & Cake Press titles:

Marcus Whalbring’s A Concert of Rivers (forthcoming late summer or early fall 2021)

Angelique Zobitz’s chapbook Burn Your House Down (forthcoming late summer or early fall 2021)

Congratulations to Marcus and Angelique!

We are still open to submissions until 4/30/21–send us your work!

Now available: book of lullabies

Our next full-length collection of poems, Megan Leonard’s book of lullabies, is available now for pre-order. Orders should ship in early January 2021…if the post office ever recovers from 2020.

Megan Leonard’s debut is an incantation of motherhood. As the Snow Queen navigates her way through childbirth, fears for her children, and the insomnia of new mothers everywhere, Leonard integrates the mood of the coastal north Atlantic, where she resides, with surety and stark, icy beauty.