First Year Book Bundle



Need some books for the Sealey Challenge in August?

In honor of our fourth publishing year, the first four of our books are on sale as a bundle!

Get all four books, a $65 value, for 50% off–just $32.50!

(My Life, and Other) Famous Train Wrecks of Ohio, Bill Abbott

Wry, funny, tender poems about divorce, dating, about single fatherhood from a performance poet. There is a strong central voice here.

Body Falling, Sunday Morning, Susana H. Case

This chapbook imagines in rich detail the lives of the victims portrayed in Frances Glessner Lee’s crime scene dioramas, which were instrumental in the development of crime scene investigation.

Bird Wild, Dameion Wagner

An introspective, honest, heartbreaking look at a family’s disintegration through the delimitating illness and passing of the mother. The opening poem won the Academy of American Poets Prize.

glint, AKaiser

A lyrical, sometimes ekphrastic examination of family, illness, travel, and emotional violence.  AK’s poetry is densely descriptive and has a strong ear for the sounds the poetry.