(My Life, and Other) Famous Train Wrecks of Ohio by Bill Abbott

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These wryly funny, self-deprecating poems offer observations on depression, loneliness, divorce, single parenting, dating, and Middletown, Ohio. And actual train wrecks.

1 review for (My Life, and Other) Famous Train Wrecks of Ohio by Bill Abbott

  1. Steve Marsh

    Just finished Bill Abbott’s new volume, (My Life, and Other) Famous Train Wrecks of Ohio. 73 pages, milk & cake press, oddly undated. I’m a friend of Bill Abbott and I finally carved out a little time to look at this collection of poems. Let me say that I like it and despite the fact that some of these are depressing as hell (death, divorce, train wrecks), I enjoyed that trough in my own life. I identified with it. Confession, I have dysthymic depression and while I am on medication it is manageable. I suspect Bill was dysthymic in the period he was writing these poems too. God knows he was entitled to it! But the trick to this book, and it’s a good one, is that he gets you to look at and care about the pictures he paints, in the same way we can’t NOT look at the trainwreck when we drive by. Bill, I believe this is a very brave collection of poems and I thank you.

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